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Speed Boat Racing – 1987 – Interview With Driver Jim Kropfeld Of Miss Budweiser At The Emerald Cup


The Miss Budweiser were 22 hydroplanes sponsored by Budweiser beer that raced in the unlimited class under the U-12 banner. They were owned by Bernie Little….with whom Anheuser-Busch sponsorship began in 1963….and thanks to the friendship of Little and A-B president August Busch III.  After Little’s death in April 2003, his youngest son Joe ran the operation for the two final seasons. Following the 2004 season, changes in Anheuser-Busch leadership resulted in the end of their 42 very successful years of sponsorship.  There were 18 notable drivers of Miss Budweiser…..which includes Jim Kropfeld….who raced her from 1983 to 1989…..while winning 22 races in that time span…..which ranks tied for 3rd for all time Miss Budweiser drivers….behind Dave Villwock with 30, Dean Chenowith with 23 and tied for 3rd with Chip Hanauer at 22.

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