Tennis – 1983 – US Open Mens Qtr Finals – Ivan Llendl VS Mats Wilander – 4th Set


This 4th set of the Quarterfinals match between Sweden Mats Wilander verses Czech Ivan Lendl was brought to us by HBO Sports with legendary tennis broadcaster at the BBC, Dick Maskell….sitting along HBO Wimbledon crew of Michael Barkaan and Arthur Ashe.  

Tennis on HBO was a television program produced by the premium cable television network HBO….that broadcasts the major professional tennis tournaments in the United States….when they begani airing in 1975,…which was same day….weekday coverage only….of Wimbledon and US Open….which HBO continued to do until 1999….as this US Open Mens Quarterfinals Match between Wilander and Lendl was part of that long run by HBO to bring weekday live matches to the airways.  Ivan Lendl would beat Wilander and move on to the semifinals against USA Jimmy Arias….who he would beat in straight sets to advance to face USA Jimmy Connors in the finals.

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