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Tennis – 1986 – NBC Special – Chris Evert + Dick Enberg Tour Wimbledon Womens Locker Rooms


Every now and then we get a video that is just a bit out of the ordinary for us….you know, one that is not anything like any other within our treasure chest of 2000+ vintage videos that are currently posted on our site here at ImaSportsphile….and this one certainly merits that “a bit out of the ordinary” moniker….as NBC Sports broadcaster Dick Enberg joins ex-tennis Wimbledon women’s singles champion Chris Evert on a tour of the women’s locker room at the All England Club Tennis Complex. 

First of all, the viewer gets a wonderful look at legendary broadcaster Dick Enberg as he gracefully reviews a place that very few men have ever visited….with an equally legendary women’s tennis player…. who also works alongside Enberg behind the mike at these 1986 Wimbledon Championships….plus the viewer also gets an “inside look” at the women’s locker room….which is something a tennis fan doesn’t get to do very often….and the truth be told….it is very interesting to see…..which makes this video MUST SEE TV to any and all tennis fans. 

FYI, the photograph above is a shot of the Wimbledon women’s locker room in 2017….which is definitely a bit different than the locker room viewed in this video 

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