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Tennis – 1986 – Special – Wimbledon Film – Mad Dog And Englishmen Go Out In The Midday Sun


As we continue to sort our way through the 2300 hours of vintage video that we are posting here at ImaSportsphile….we often run across a piece of footage that just brings a smile to our faces….and it typically is something that we least expect….as we have no finer example of one of those “unexpected delights” than this video herewith….which provides the viewer with “double the pleasure and double the fun”….cuz it not only provides a wonderful collage of folks in England enjoying Wimbledon….while set to  perfect British music called “Mad Dog and Englishmen Go Out in the Midday Sun”.   

In less than three minutes…this video provides a pretty darn good video description of who and what the English people are really like…as seen via the venue of their attendance during the Championship at Wimbledon each year….in a virtual “hour glass environment” that is steeped in tradition, pomp and circumstance….for there is nothing that is any more British than this video and its music.

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