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Tennis – 1986 – Wimbledon Finals – Mixed Doubles + Tour Of Womens Lockers + Mens Doubles


This video starts with the 3rd game in set # 2 of the 1986 Wimbledon Mixed Doubles between Ken Flach + Kathy Jordan verses Heinz Gunthardt + Martina Navratilova…..in a match that Flach + Jordan continue on to win a 2nd set tie-breaker and win the title 6-3. 7-6. 

The telecast shifts to an NBC profile of “Inside Wimbledon” whereby broadcasters Dick Enberg and Cris Evert….two unquestionable sports legends…..take their viewers on a tour of the women’s locker rooms at Wimbledon…..and as far as this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile is concerned….the tour was really cool…I liked it!!! 

Next comes the men’s doubles finals between Sweden’s Mats Wilander + Joakim Nystrom verses USA Gary Donnelly + Peter Fleming….which picks up in the 2nd game in the 2nd set of their match…..whereby the Swedes put it on the Americans 7-6 (7-4), 6-3, 6-3….as this was Nystrom’s only career Grand Slam title….while It was Wilander’s 5th career Grand Slam title and his only Wimbledon title.

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