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Tennis – 1986 – Wimbledon – Mens Dbls Finals – Wilander + Nystrom Vs Donnelly + Fleming


Heinz Günthardt and Balázs Taróczy were the defending men’s doubles champions coming into the 1986 Wimbledon Championships….but lost in the first round to USA’s Sammy Giammalva and Greg Holmes….as the Swedish team of Joakim Nyström + Mats Wilander defeated USA’s Gary Donnelly and Peter Fleming in the final, 7–6(7–4), 6–3, 6–3 to win the Gentlemen’s Doubles title at the 1986 Wimbledon Championships.

Coming into this 1986 Wimbledon Men’s Doubles tournament….the eventual winning Swedish team of Wilander + Nystrom were ranked #7 in the field….while the other Swedish team of Stefan Edberg + Anders were ranked #1….but lost in the first round to USA’s Tim + Tom Gillickson….whereas the opposing team to Wilander + Nystrom of USA Gary Donnelly + Peter Fleming were ranked #12….while the USA team of Ken Flach + Robert Seguro were ranked #2….but lost in the quarterfinals to Wilander + Nystrom.  So, the young Swedes would beat two USA teams on their way to the championship…in the quarters and finals.

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