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Tennis – 1986 – Wimbledon – Mixed Dbls Finals – Flach & Jordan VS Guenthardt & Navratilova


Tennis Mixed Doubles is always enteresting to watch…..cuz you never really know what is going to happen….as most folks think that the men will always pick on the women….but, that is not necessarily true…..especailly with a female player like Martina Navratilove was….for this lady was a southpaw with a “ball buster” attitude….which really showed up in mixed doubles….as seen in this video herewith.

Martina Navratilova and Paul McNamee were the defending champions but in 1986 they competed with different partners that year….as Navratilova teamed with Heinz Günthardt….while McNamee teamed with Hana Mandlíková….whereby Mandlíková and McNamee lost in the first round to Elise Burgin and David Graham.  

The # 1 seed team in the  1986 Wimbledon Mixed Doubles Competition was USA Kathy Jordan and USA Ken Flach….who defeated the team of Elna Neinach and Michael Robertson in the semifinals by a sacore of 7 – 5, 6 – 4…..giving them a match in the finals against # 3 seed Navratilova and Günthardt….who beat Betina Bunge and Emilio Sanchez in their semifinal match by 7 – 6 ( 7 – 0), 6 – 3….to advance against Jordan and Flach in the finals…..where the top seeded Americans would win the Mixed Doubles Championship over the # 3 seed team of Navratilova and Gunthardt by 6 – 3, 7 – 6 (9 – 7)….as this was a good match….with the 2nd set touching on greatness….and well worth the watch.

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