The Story Of Grandson Of Knute Rockne Coaching Football At East Carbon High School In Utah


Just the name Knute Rockne conjures up visions of college football….young men playing a game they love….while being motivated by the finest of coaches…each who understands the psychology of teaching and motivating boys to play a game….while ultimately developing men to be able to tackle all of life’s challenges after they quit playing the game.. There is profound value that I see every day in Bone Daddy’s life….that comes from being coached in the vein of Knute Rockne…. hard nosed and by the rules…cuz I have seen the results of these values manifested in Bone Daddy from the men who coached him. Bone Daddy has always said that there are good coaches at every level from little league to professional….men who taught him life lessons.  This video is the story of Knute Rockne’s grandson who coaches at East Carbon High in Sunnyside, Utah.

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