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Track + Field – 1980 – World Invitational From Peking China – Mens 4 x 100m Relay – USA Wins Gold


The truth be known….this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile just loves track and field….and one of my favorite events is the 4 x 100m relay….men’s and women’s….cuz it is just exciting to watch four really fast people pass a baton three times within the passing lane…..cuz it just goes so fast….I mean, to cover 400m in 37.04 seconds….as done by the Jamaican team did at the 2011 World Championships….is just mind blowing…..and when you consider that this USA 4 x 100m relay team won this 1980 World Championship in 38.86….it is very interesting that this was nearly 39 years ago….so, that breaks down to 0.05 seconds per year….which isn’t a great deal. 

This sad part to this victory by the US team is the fact that neither Willie Smith, Harvey Glance, Fred Taylor or Stanley Floyd….as seen in this video herewith….had their dreams of Olympic competition robbed by “peanut head” U S President Jimmy Carter….when he used Executive Order to boycott the 1980 Moscow Olympics…..which has led us at ImaSportsphile to forever believe that “the worst tics are poli-TICS”..who have no place in sports.


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