TV Ads – 1976 – Bausch & Lomb Softens Contact Lenses + ALPO Dog Food + Waverest Water Beds

Bausch & Lomb is a Canadian eye health products company based in Laval, Quebec, Canada….which is one of the world’s largest suppliers of contact lenses, lens care products, pharmaceuticals, intraocular lenses and other eye surgery products. The company was founded in Rochester, New York in 1853 by optician John Bausch….along with cabinet maker turned financial backer Henry Lomb. Until its sale in 2013, Bausch & Lomb was one of the oldest continually operating companies in the US.

Alpo is an American brand of dog food marketed and manufactured by the Nestlé Purina PetCare subsidiary of Nestlé…..as te brand is offered as a canned or packaged soft food….as well as in dry kibbles.  For many years, the brand’s main television commercial spokesman was Lorne Greene….  who created the concept of eating one’s own dog food by claiming that Alpo is so good he feeds it to his own dogs. 

Waverest Waterbeds is one of those companies that did great during the age of “sleeping on a waterbed”…..which was long before the Serta Perfect Sleeper…..much less the Sleep Number Bed…..and for sure long before the Tempur- Pedic Bed….but Waverest was the leader in water beds sales in Austin, Tx for 2 – 3 decades.

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