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TV Ads – 1978 Caress Body Soap + Dodge Colt Cars + Dunlop Tires + KTVV Ch 36 Austin

Caress Soap was marketed as the one necessary product needed for a luxurious silky bath in 1978…..and that is it’s marketing scope in 2019….for not much has changed regarding the soap or the marketing in the past 40 years.

The Dodge Colt is a subcompact car manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors in 2019….and marketed by Dodge for model years 1971 – 1994 as captive imports….with badge engineered variants included the Plymouth Champ and Plymouth Colt…which was marketed by Plymouth. The Colt was initially a re-badged variant of the rear-wheel drive Galant and Lancer families before shifting to the smaller front-wheel drive Mitsubishi Mirage subcompacts in 1979.

Dunlop is a brand of tires owned by various companies around the world….which was founded by pneumatic tire pioneer John Boyd Dunlop in Birmingham, England in 1889….and it is owned and operated by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand….whereas in India, the brand is owned by Dunlop India Ltd…..whose parent company is the Ruia Group….plus in several other Asian countries (Japan, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Russia), Africa and Latin America (except Mexico) it is operated by Sumitomo Rubber Industries. 

KXAN-TV, previously known as KTVV channel 36, is an NBC-affiliated television station licensed to Austin, Texas, United States. The station is owned by Nexstar Media Group….as part of a duopoly a duopoly with Llano-licensed MyNetworkTV affiliate KBVO(channel 14)….as Nexstar also operates CW affiliate KNVA (channel 54) under a local marketing agreement (LMA) with owner Vaughan Media. The three stations share studios on West Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard between the Old West Austin section of Austin and the University of Texas at Austin campus….with KXAN’s transmitter is located at the West Austin Antenna Farm north of West Lake Hills.  However, back in the day this video was recorded….it was simply KTVV Ch 36 Austin.

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