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TV Ads – 1978 – Essex House NYC + Waverest Waterbeds + Lakehills Cinema Four ATX + T A Station Bar

This particular video features television commercials for one New York City hotel….Marriott’s Essex House….which is right next to Central Park in NYC…..and then there are ads for three Austin, Texas establishments…..Waverest Waterbeds….which started in Austin and spread across the Southwest….. which is followed by a commercial for Lakehills Cinema Four Theaters…..an upscale movie theater close to Lakehills Mall in northwest Austin…..which is still alive and well today….albeit has been remodeled several times since 1978…..and finally there is an ad for T A Station Bar & Restaurant….which has long since been gone from the Austin bar scene….so, we were not able to really find any information on when we researched it.

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