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TV Ads 1978 Odor Eaters Shoe Inserts + FemIron Vitamins + Bill Munday Pontiac + Sage Stores ATX

Odor-Eaters is an American brand of foot-care products specifically as shoe inserts and foot powder…. which is designed to reduce foot odor…..while the insoles are made of latex and contain activated carbon which filters and neutralizes odors. 

Femiron Vitamins were available and advertising on television in 1979…..and are still on the shelves today in 2019…..but they aren’t doing any television advertising.   

Bill Munday was selling Pontiac cars back in 1979…..and he is still doing so toady in 2019….for his dealership has been a mainstay in the Austin economy for almost a half century. 

Austin, TX Attorney, Janet Stockard, was getting “drunks out of jail while wearing those goofy hats” back in 1979….and she is still doing the same today…..it is just that the price of a DWI ticket has gone up dramatically….so, we figure so has Janet Stockard’s fees…..which means she buys more expensive  “goofy hats”.

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