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TV Ads – 1978 – Tropical Blend Suntan Lotion + Charmin Tissues + Caress Soap + Dodge Colt


Bone Daddy says that back in 1978….there just wasn’t that much concern about putting on sunscreen….especially compared by the standards of 2018….as he didn’t remember ever being required to put sunscreen on when they went out in the sun….which was all the time….and Tropical Blend Suntan Lotion was around then….as it is still today….and my sense is that their business has grown as concerns of skin cancer have grown….which is quite a bit over the last 40 years since 1978. 

And who could ever forget George Whipple’s inability to deal with clients who like to “squeeze his Charmin”.….which surprisingly enough….George Whipple’s spots were popular for many years…for Charmin was a major brand then….as they are still today. 

Now, that was then but this is a look at Caress Soap today in 2018… which is recognized globally as Lux….is known for products that help users leave an unforgettable impression thanks to the confidence that comes from beautifully-scented, silky smooth skin. Launched nearly 50 years ago, Caress’ heritage is rooted in fine fragrance with beauty bar-only formats until 1994.  Composed by the world’s premiere fragrance houses, the Caress collection of body washes and beauty bars offers a wide variety of artfully-crafted formulas that blend rich lather and sophisticated fragrances.

The Dodge Colt were subcompact cars manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors and marketed by Dodge for model years 1971 – 1994 as captive imports. Badge engineered variants included the Plymouth Champ and Plymouth Colt, marketed by Plymouth.  The Colt was initially a rebadged variant of the rear-wheel drive Galant and Lancer families before shifting to the smaller front-wheel drive Mitsubishi Mirage subcompacts in 1978….which makes this video a bit of history.


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