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TV Ads – 1978 – Volkswagen Bus + Polaroid Camcorder + Waverest Waterbeds + Movie The Amsterdam Kill

In the Volkswagen Bus Type 2….seen in this video herewith….is the Type 4 engine “pancake engine”….which was an option for the 1972 model year onward…..as this engine was standard in models destined for the US and Canada….for only with the Type 4 engine did an automatic transmission become available for the first time in the 1973 model year….as both engines were 1.7 L, DIN-rated at 49 kW (67 PS; 66 bhp) with the manual transmission and 46 kW (63 PS; 62 bhp) with the automatic. The 1978 2.0 L now featured hydraulic valve lifters….which eliminated the need to periodically adjust the valve clearances as on earlier models. The 1975 and later U.S. model years received Bosch L-Jetronic electronic fuel injection as standard equipment….and 1978 was the first year for electronic ignition….thus utilizing a hall effect sensor and digital controller….and eliminating maintenance-requiring contact-breaker points. As with all Transporter engines, the focus in development was not on power….but on low-end torque. The Type 4 engines were considerably more robust and durable than the Type 1 engines, particularly in Transporter service.   

There was point during the evolutionary process of the development of the age of video recorders to the point of videos recorded on smart phones…..but back in the day, there was this point when almost every electronic manufacturer had a hand-held “camcorder” as in the case of Polaroid in 1978….with their Polavision Camcorder.

The Amsterdam Kill is a 1977 film directed by Robert Clouse…..which stars Robert Mitchum and Richard Egan…..when former DEA Agent Quinlan was removed from the force some years earlier for stealing confiscated drug money….is hired by Chung Wei, a leader in the Amsterdam drug cartel…..who wants out of the business….so, Quinlan’s job is to use Chung’s information to tip DEA agents to drug busts….thus destroying the cartel. But when the first two “tips” go awry, resulting in murdered DEA officers, the feds must decide whether to trust Quinlan further.

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