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TV Ads – 1978 – VW Champagne Edition Cars + Dick Van Dyke For Kodak Cameras + Bill Munday Pontiac

This series of 1978 television commercials includes a Volkswagen champagne edition cars ad that was a play on words since the home of Volkswagen USA was in Champaign, Illinois….which is followed by the ever popular Dick Van Dyke of television fame from The Dick Van Dyke Show ….and the movie Mary Poppins……as the song and dance funny man was pitching Kodak cameras back in the late 1970’s…..then comes a Bill Munday Pontiac of Austin commercial….as Bill has been selling cars in Austin, TX for nearly 60 years now…..since he is still doing so in 2019…..while the final commercials is Home Owners Warranty ad…..which pitches the value of purchasing a HOW when purchasing a house.

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