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TV Ads – 1979 – Clairol Shampoo + Star Club Austin + Rod N Custom Car Show + Janet Stockard Attorney


According to writer Malcolm Gladwell….Clairol products captured the feminist sensibilities of the day with a shampoo-in hair color and memorable advertising slogans….as author of social psychology bestsellers (The Tipping Point and Blink)….Gladwell wrote in “True Colors” (a 1999 New Yorker history of hair dye), “In writing the history of women in the postwar era, did we forget something important? Did we leave out hair?”….where as in the subsequent Tickle Deodorant ad, a product that no longer exists uses some attractive women from various backgrounds and the 4 leading brands of roll-on deodorants (which still are on sales counters today) as props for this ad.

The Star Club of Austin was an overnight success in Austin back in the late 1970’s….as a Members Only nightclub that featured fine dining and a nighttime disco….but the only trouble was that the Star Club was more like a shooting star club….cuz it only was open for three years….however, the Austin Rod n Custom Car Show was an annual affair at the Austin Convention Center for many many years as folks would flock to see the “hot rods and custom cars” each and every year….and for this particular 1979 show….they featured Playboy Bunny Denise Michelle throughout the show….as any attendee could get their picture take with this lil beauty.  

Modern Furniture Rental was like so many furniture companies to “come and go as fast as they came” back in the decade of the 1970’s in Austin, TX…..for the lifespan of most furniture rental companies….except for Furniture Rent a Center….never seemed to stay around long enough to remember who they were….so tv ads like this one, are all that is left to remember them by. 

What can you say about Jack in the Box….other than their menu has basically stayed the same from 1979 to 2018….but there presenters in their ads have changed a great deal….that is until the styrofoam-headed Jack came into play….and he seems to be a fixture after dang near 25 years. And then there’s Janet Stockard, Attorney….a defense attorney in Austin, TX….who has been on television cumulatively more hours since the mid-1970’s than any of The Three Stooges to present….cuz Bone Daddy saw a brand new Janet Stockard, Attorney ad while in Austin on his last visit in late 2017….and her webpage says she still at it today….and still wearing that goofy hat….but that’s just the opinion of a lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile. Any way you cut the pie….we are happy to have this footage of Ms. Stockard….for she will always bring back memories of good times in Austin.



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