1970sTV Ads

TV Ads – 1979 – Dexitrim Capsules + Pioneer Electronics + Dairy Queen Sundaes


Dexatrim is an over-the-counter (OTC) dietary supplement meant to assist with weight loss….as Dexatrim claims it “gives you the power to lose weight, curb binges, and keep you in control of your diet.”    Current Dexatrim products available are in capsule form and include Dexatrim Max Complex 7, Dexatrim Max Daytime Appetite Control, Dexatrim Natural Green Tea, and Dexatrim Natural Extra Energy. The major active ingredients found in current Dexatrim products include caffeine, green tea extract, Asian (Panax) ginseng root extract, and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).  Dexatrim has been on the market for more than 38 years

Pioneer Electronics is a Japanese multinational corporation based in Tokyo, Japan that specializes in digital entertainment products. The company was founded by Nozomu Matsumoto in 1938 in Tokyo as a radio and speaker repair shop….while its current president is Susumu Kotani.  Pioneer played a role in the development of interactive cable TV, the Laser Disc player, the first automotive Compact Disc player, the first detachable face car stereo, Supertuner technology, DVD and DVD recording, plasma display (branded as Kuro), and Organic LED display (OLED). The company works with optical disc and display technology and software products….and is also a manufacturer. 

Dairy Queen, often abbreviated DQ, is a chain of soft serve ice cream and fast-food restaurants owned by International Dairy Queen, Inc., a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway….which also owns Orange Julius and Karmelkorn. The first DQ restaurant was located in Joliet, Illinois. It was operated by Sherb Noble and opened for business on June 22, 1940.  It served a variety of frozen products, such as soft serve ice cream…then in Bone Daddy’s day (50’s + 60’s + 70’s)….for anyone still alive…who doesn’t remember a Dairy Queen ice cream sundae!?!

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