TV Ads – 1979 – Dr Pepper + Movie Sgt Peppers LHC Band + Earl Campbell NFL Special + Lone Star Beer

Dr Pepper has always been a favorite “soda pop” around here at ImaSportsphile…..whereby, first of all, DP is a Texas beverage…..conceived and bottled originally in Waco, TX….which is just a short drive from Austin….so, “it’s a home brew, bro”…..which we are quite sure that NFL Hall of Fame running back Earl Campbell….The Tyler Rose…..drank his fair share of over the years being a Friday Night Hero as an RB at Tyler High School….as well as while becoming a Heisman Trophy Winner at the University of Texas in Austin….so, when you throw in an ad for Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart’s Club Band …..and you have the makings of some mighty fine memories of times passed.


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