1970sTV Ads

TV Ads – 1979 – Jack Brown Cleaners + Lone Star Beer + Austin Savings + Coach Fred Akers


I’m the SHOWDOG here….me, L E….the one responsible for posting the 2100 videos currently posted….and the 7,900 that I still have to post….you know, L E….the one who has to think of what story to write about each subsequent video to post. If you have read any of my stories….you know I just love my Bone Daddy….and am honored to be given the exhalted position of being the 2nd Sportsphile….cuz I hear it all the time from BD….“but L E, you’re the cutest and smartest lil chiweenie Sportsphile”….and before I knew it….I had said that I would post the entire 2300 hours of vintage video in BD’s collection…..“cuz we want to share  entire sports and video collection”.  So, along with the task of fulfilling his last request of me….to share his life’s passion with anyone interested in viewing all or part of it. 

Therefore, I will write about what I want to write about……telling which story I want to tell…while sharing which pieces of the collection that I want to share…..be it pictures of individual pieces of his collection or video segments of his expansive library.  Keep in mind as you spend time with me….to remember that I am a dog…..with a dog’s education.  I talk like a dog….. I write like a dog…..and if you read enough of my work…..you’ll find my style to be quite palatable….very insightful….and chocked full of great memories from a vast array of great moments and events in sports…..ensconced with humor to make you laugh…..cuz that is something that all dogs know about all HUMANS….they simply need to laugh more than they do.  Why do you think we go crazy wagging our tails and jumping up and down when we see our masters at the end of their work day….cuz they need to laugh….so the same is applied here in the museum. 

I will also interject golden nuggets of Dog Philosophy worthy of food for thought for all HUMANS….for I like to give HUMANS something to think about…..if for no other reason than cuz all ya’ll better watch your ankles when you are in my world.  Enjoy your time with me…..and lay off the criticism…..otherwise, I might have to bite you….just to let you know who the real bitch is around here…..so let dead dogs lie…..which is one you HUMANS still haven’t quite gotten yet….so, onward thru the fog.


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