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TV Ads – 1979 – John Belushi Decathlete Champion For Chocolate Donuts Cereal


There is something about John Belushi that just tickles my funny bone….and we chiweenies’ have a real sensitive funny bone that when tickled in the right way….it turns into a full-blown “side hurtin’ belly grabbin'” laugh….I mean rolling on the floor laugh….and that little short, squatty, hairy, semi-neanderthal looking man….could tickle my funny bone just right….and often times without saying a word….for his expressions were priceless. 

Each and every piece of vintage footage of John Belushi are “nuggets of gold” in our vintage video museum of memories…..as this video provides sufficient evidence to why he was so popular with the public….just your average dude that’s a decathlete champion….with an incredible talent to entertain.

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