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TV Ads – 1979 – Marriott’s Essex House NYC + NBCs Brothers & Sisters + Jack In The Box Breakfast + Modern Furniture Of Austin + Janet Stockard Attorney In Austin

Around 1979, Jack in the Box dramatically altered their marketing strategy by literally blowing up the chain’s symbol….the jack in the box….which was in television commercials with the tagline, “The food is better at the Box”….as  Jack in the Box announced that it would no longer compete for McDonald’s target customer base of families with young children….but instead they targeted older, more affluent “yuppie” customers with a higher-quality, more upscale menu and a series of whimsical television commercials….. and soon thereafter, Jack in the Box restaurants were remodeled and redecorated with decorator pastel colors and hanging plants…. the logo, containing a clown’s head in a red box with the company name in red text to or below the box….while signs in front of the restaurant displayed the clown’s head only….which was modified by stacking the words in a red diagonal box while still retaining the clown’s head….then by about 1981 or 1982, the clown’s head was removed from the logo, which would remain until 2009…..and somewhere thereafter….Jack put the clown’s head on a styro-foam ball….which went on the car radio antenna….and from there that clown’s head ended up on the shoulders of Jack himself…..and it has been there ever since.

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