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TV Ads – 1979 – Movie Michael Douglas In Running + Sound Guard Record Preserver + Certs Breath Mint

Running is a 1979 sports drama film written and directed by Steven Hilliard Stern….and starring Michael Douglas and Susan Anspach….which is about the fictional American marathon runner and Olympic hopeful Michael Andropolis and his struggle to compete in the Olympic Games  

Sound Guard Record Preserver was a viable product during the “Golden Age Of Vinyl Records”…..but when “The Digital Age” of music came into existence….this product disappeared…..however, during the day of 78 record albums….this solution could be put on the point of a “diamond cut” record player needles….which would protect vinyl records from being destroyed.

Certs is a breath mint manufactured by Mondelēz International…..and has been a long time favorite of America’s most popular mints….as Certs was the first breath mint to be nationally marketed in the United States….and has been a fixture at American drug stores and convenience stores since its debut on the market in 1956. 

Grantree Furniture Stores of Austin were well known “discount furniture” stores where the public could buy an entire 8 piece bedroom furniture set…..including bed, headboard, dresser, chest of drawers, nightstands and lamps for under $100. 

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