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TV Ads – 1979 – VW Cars + Yardley Lavender Soap + Victoria Station Restaurants + Waverest Waterbeds

Volkswagen translates to “people’s car” in German. The company’s current international advertising slogan is just “Volkswagen”, referencing the name’s meaning….as Volkswagen, shortened to VW is a German automaker founded in 1937 by the German Labour Front….which was a Nazi labor union headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany….as the flagship marque of the Volkswagen Group….who was  the largest automaker by worldwide sales in 2016 and 2017…..with the group’s biggest market being in China….which delivered 40% of its sales and profits. 

Yardley of London, usually referred to simply as Yardley or Yardleys, is a British company….which is one of the oldest firms in the world to specialize in cosmetics, fragrances and related toiletry products….. established in 1770 as a major producer of soap and perfumery by the beginning of the 20th century…..who by 1910 moved to London’s Bond Street…..when in 1921, Yardley received its first Royal Warrant…..as Yardley today holds two Royal Warrants. 

Victoria Station was a chain of railroad-themed steakhouse restaurants…..who at the peak of their popularity in the 1970’s, the chain had 100 locations in the United States. The firm filed for bankruptcy in 1986. The last remaining restaurant in the former chain was located in Salem, Massachusetts until it abruptly closed in December 2017.


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