TV Ads – 1980 – BIC Shavers + US Army + Conans Pizza Of Austin + Ford LTD Cars

Société Bic S.A., commonly referred to simply as Bic and stylized as BiC….is a corporation based in Clichy, France….which is best known for making disposable consumer products such as lighters, razors (as seen in this video herewith), pens, and printed paper products…..which was founded in 1945 by Baron Marcel Bich….as BIC started to produce disposable razors during the 1970’s…. when In 1975, the brand released the one-piece polystyrene razor….which became a highly demanded product.  During the 1980’s Bic Shaving products reached $52 million in sales….while conquering 22.4% of the market shares. 

The US Army has been advertising for men to “Be All That You Can Be” in the US Army for as long as we can remember here at ImaSportsphile…..for it is simply an American tradition for men to serve their country. 

Conan’s Pizza was the 1st pizza restaurant in Austin to bring the Chicago style deep dish pizza to ATX….. which is still a tradition in the Live Music Capital of America.

The Ford LTD is a range of automobiles manufactured by Ford Motor Company for the 1965 to 1986 model years…..which was introduced as the highest trim of the full-size Ford model range….while the LTD introduced options and features normally reserved for more luxurious Lincoln and Mercury models. 


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