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TV Ads – 1980 – Clairol Hairsetters & V 8 Juice & Monterrey House Mexican Food & Coors Beer


Clairol is a personal-care-product division of company Procter & Gamble….which specializes in hair-coloring and hair care that begun in 1931 by Americans Lawrence and Joan Gelb….along with business partner and lifelong friend, James Romeo….after discovering hair-coloring preparations while traveling in France. The company was widely recognized in its home country, the United States, for its “Miss Clairol” home hair-coloring kit introduced in 1956. By 1959, Clairol was considered the leading company in the U.S. hair-coloring industry. In 2004, Clairol registered annual sales worth approximately US$1.6 billion from the sale of its hair products…..and as of 2014, Clairol manufactures hair-coloring products sold under the brand names “Natural Instincts”, “Nice ‘n Easy” and “Perfect Lights”…..but in this 1980 TV ad, it was the “Clairol Hairsetters” that were being promoted.

V8 Vegetable Juice, sometimes just called V-8, is a trademarked name for a number of beverage products sold worldwide that are made from eight vegetables…..or a mixture of vegetables and fruits. Since 1948, the brand has been owned by the Campbell Soup Company.  The original V8 vegetable juice was tomato-based and got its name from the fact that it contained juice from “eight different vegetables”.   

Monterrey House Mexican Food Restaurants was one of the 1st Mexican food chain restaurants in the State of Texas back in the 1970’s to 1990’s… they were one of the original “Tex Mex” food restaurants that featured enchiladas, chalupas, tacos and tamales.

The Coors Brewing Company is a regional division of the world’s third-largest brewing company, the Molson Coors Brewing Company. Until October 11, 2016, the operations in the United States were a joint venture with SABMiller called MillerCoors.  Coors operates a brewery in Golden, Colorado, that is the largest single brewery facility in the world. Since that time, Coors has been a division of Molson Coors.  However, when we a ImaSportsphile think of Coors beer….we remember the Bone Daddy stories about buying a car load of Coors cases in Midland, Texas back in the mid-1960’s…..and carting it to Austin, TX and selling it out of his car at double the price….cuz you couldn’t buy Coors in Austin back in the day. 

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