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TV Ads – 1981 – Garrett Morris For The Professional School Of Football


Every now and then we get to post a “TV commercial” that was produced by the comedic genius of The Not Ready For Prime Time Players….the original cast of the long running NBC weekend show Saturday Night Live….and this two minute video provides us with one of those opportunities…..as Garrett Morris shows the viewing public how they can have an exciting life in the world of professional football….by simply attending The Professional School of Football. 

As Morris so aptly explains the benefits of playing pro football saying….“you make big money….and sign lucrative contracts for endorsing products on TV….plus, pro players are famous and they get to go out with movie stars and stewardesses….and they eat big steaks.”….and all you have to do to qualify for this school is pass a simple test…..which Morris gives some examples of absolutely hilarious nature.  Simply put….this is classic parody of typical American television commercials.

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