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TV Ads – 1982 – Kmart + Call To Glory Promo + Car Quest Auto Parts + Interwest Bank Austin


Kmart Corporation (simply known as Kmart and stylized as kmart) is an American big box department store chain headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. The chain’s management purchased Sears for $11 billion in 2004….and formed a new corporation under the name Sears Holdings Corporation….as Kmart was transferred to the new Sears Holdings Corporation.  The company known as Kmart was incorporated in 1916….while the first Kmart named store did not open its doors until 1962. At its peak in 2000, Kmart operated 2,171 stores including 105 Super Kmart Center locations….which had dropped to 1,416 stores with only 55 Super Kmart Center locations by late 2005….and by the end of 2017, the Kmart store chain had 510 store locations with only one Super Kmart Center location remaining (which is now set to be closed in April 2018).  

Carquest Corporation is an American automotive parts distribution network that is currently owned and operated by Advance Auto Parts via independent retailers associated with the network.  As of October 4, 2014 Advance operated 5,305 stores, 109 Worldpac branches, and served approximately 1,350 independently-owned Carquest branded stores in 49 states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Canada. Advance Auto Parts and CARQUEST Auto Parts employs approximately 75,000 team members. 

Interwest Bank of Austin was one of the many banks that operated in and around Austin, TX during the late 1970’s to mid-1990’s….as Bone Daddy remembers them as a financial institution he did business with to buy his original Scientific Atlanta 10m satellite dish through in 1978….so this video is a “nugget of gold” in our ImaSportsphile treasure chest of vintage memories….cuz this Satellite Earth Station as the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) described them back in the day…..was the impetus for BD recording a satellite event not on regular television….and play the recordings back in his bar throughout the day….so, this bank gave Bone Daddy the opportunity to build this incredible video library.

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