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TV Ads – 1983 – Chevrolet S-10 Blazer + Canon Mini Cameras + Alan Alda For AtariWriter


Chevrolet Blazer can refer to one of several Truck models from General Motors including the full-size Chevrolet Blazer which was based on the C/K pickup chassis and built from 1969 to 1999….the compact and mid-size Chevrolet S-10 Blazer based on the S-10 pickup and built from 1983 to 2005….as seen in this video herewith….and the Chevrolet Trail Blazer….which was originall a trim package on the S-10 Blazer until 2002….when it became its own, larger model.

Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational corporation specializing in the manufacture of imaging and optical products….which includes cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, steppers, computer printers and medical equipment….which is headquartered in Ōta, Tokyo, Japan.  

AtariWriter is a word processing application for the Atari 8-bit computers….with a 16 KB ROM cartridge that works with either a cassette or disk drive for document storage.  AtariWriter was released in 1982 and was a big hit….as estimates that 800,000 cartridges were sold over the product’s lifetime.  It included modern features like automatic word wrap, full-screen editing, dual-column printing, search and replace, undo, block editing and even a print preview feature that allowed users to view a printable page by scrolling across the screen.  Printing attributes were set directly into the document using control characters….which allowed direct changes to formatting such as margins, spacing, justification, etc…..as AtariWriter has only one menu, the main menu….which featured creating and editing documents, file directory, file management and printing.  The cartridge only had built-in printer drivers for Atari printers. 

Having Alan “Hawkeye Pierce” Alda pitch the AtariWriter pitch the product in their TV ads was a big plus for sales….as Alda’s portrayal of “Hawkeye” in the legendary TV series M*A*S*H was the most popular character on television as for nearly 20 years.

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