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TV Ads – 1984 – Kellogs Frosted Flakes + Kodak Paper + Levis Cords + Budweiser Beer + IBM PC Jr


Kellog’s Frosted Flakes was Bone Daddy’s favorite cereal growing up….cuz dang near every morning he’d has a big ole bowl of that “sugary crunching delight”….when mixed with cold, cold milk….and a fresh banana and some fresh frozen strawberries or blueberries….and you got a bowl full of absolute awesomeness…for this “hidden identification” ad campaign ran for many years back in the day.  

Kodak Paper along with Kodak cameras and film were the gold standard in the 1980’s for all things photos…..as their film was uncontested….and their instant cameras outdistanced the other camera companies by a long shot. 

Levi Cords  when they took out their “best girl” for a treat at the drug store soda fountain.   

When it comes to sports….no company has advertised on live TV events than Budweiser Beer…..which translated to Bud selling twice as much bottles and draft beer…..as all the others beer combined at Bone Daddy sports bar from 1978 to 1991….so, Bud will always be near and dear to our hearts at ImaSportsphile….cuz Bud was a big contributor in the history of our awesome vintage video library.  The IBM Company was really late getting into the PC market….partly because they literally owned the main frame computer market….and they didn’t see the PC revolution coming…..but, when they did…the IBM PC Jr was their flagship product…..and the “imitation Charlie Chaplin” was their lead salesman on their TV ads for many years. 

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