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TV Ads – 1984 – Ken Brett For Lite + Dom Deluise For NCR + Right Guard + Gillette


It has been a bit of a surprise that the vintage television commercials that we have posted at ImaSportsphile have been so popular…..as it seems like folks really enjoy these little “flashes from the past”….maybe because they remember how Lite Beer from Miller commercials used notable sports figures in a “humorous light” like this ad with Pitcher Ken Brett (brother of HOF George Brett)….a well traveled player after having played for 10 different MLB clubs in his 14 year professional career….or simply that the tv ad featured a beloved actor/comedian like Dom Deluise….so they want to see him pitch NCR products….or even that they use Right Guard deodorant after showers or Gillette Razors and Blue Blades every morning before they step into the shower…..but for what ever the reason…..folks enjoy seeing these old tv advertisements. 

When it comes to this video….it is this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile’s opinion that the reason so many people watch this tv ad is because of the Lite Beer ad….cuz this particular Lite Beer advertising campaign was very popular for a long time. 

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