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TV Ads – 1985 – Jim McMahon For Honda Scooters + Budweiser Beer + Armor All


Chicago Bears Super Bowl XX winning QB Jim McMahon was a somewhat “quirky blue goose looney tunes maverick”…..who throughout his career was known for both on and off the field antics…..as his most famous display of these characteristics was wearing a headband while on the sidelines….which once led to him being fined by then NFL commissioner, Pete Rozelle….as it had an unauthorized corporate logo (Adidas) on it…..so the next week his headband simply said “Rozelle”.  Reportedly before Super Bowl XX hundreds of fans mailed McMahon headbands in hopes he would wear them during the game….but Pete Rozelle gave him a stern warning not to wear anything “unacceptable”…..so, in response McMahon decided to help bring attention to Juvenile Diabetes by wearing a headband simply stating “JDF Cure”….before switching to one stating “POW-MIA”…..and finally one with the word “Pluto”….which was the nickname of his close friend and favorite collegiate receiving target in former BYU wide receiver Danny Plater, who was afflicted with a brain tumor. Jim McMahon was the perfect spokesperson for Honda Motor Scooters…..as his appeal in this TV commercial was spot on for the market that Honda was targeting….in young teenage types. 

What can you say or portray about Budweiser Beer that hasn’t already been said or portrayed in their TV commercials over the past 142 years of brewing and selling the world’s most popular and famous beer…so, we’ll just let you in on a secret that evolved in Bone Daddy’s 20 years of owning Madison Square Garden, The Sports Place at 302 E. 6th Street in Austin, TX….as Budweiser and Busch Beer were the top selling brands of the 30 different beers that they had on tap at The Garden…..and although literally ten’s of thousands of pitchers of Bud were sold over the 20 years of operation….the truth is coming out here some 40 years later….that not one of those pitchers of beer was Bud….but instead was Busch….cuz the fact remains that NO BUD DRINKER ever knew that they weren’t drinking Bud….as the truth is that Busch on tap tastes like Bud on tap…..at a much cheaper price per barrel.   

Is there anyone still alive today who was alive back in the day….that hasn’t used an Armor All product to make that older model car that they wish to sell look much better to a potential buyer!?!….we don’t think so….cuz there has never been a better product line for sprucing up an old car…..while getting it ready to sell.

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