TV Ads – 1986 – Armor All Treatment + Honda Fat Cat Motorcycles + The NBA Its Fantastic Promo


Armor All is a line of car care products manufactured by American company Armored AutoGroup of Danbury, Connecticut….with sprays, gels, liquids and wipes which are specifically designed to clean, shine, and protect most interior and exterior automobile surfaces.  According to patent documents…. Armor All typically contains water, PDMS (silicone), diethylene glycol, glycerin and various additional chemical compounds.

The Honda TR200 series of bikes commercially known as Fat Cats….were produced only in 1986 and 1987. The engine was a 199 cc four-stroke OHC single linked to a five-speed transmission and automatic clutch. It featured lever actuated drum brakes on both wheels. This bike was unique in that it used two ATV-type tires (Big Wheels).

The NBA began touting their own horn back in the mid-1980’s with a commercial program known as “The NBA….it’s fantastic!”…..which included many different spots featuring NBA player and game highlights combined with fan reaction to outstanding plays….as the highlights were put in sync with well-known pop music…..as seen in this video herewith…..where the highlights are in sync with the music “I Wanna Play My Game Tonight”.

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