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NBA & TV Ads – 1986 – WTBS Promo For The NBA – With NBA Highlights Put To The Music “Let’s Go To The Hoops”

The Superstation Network, WTBS, was a major carrier of NBA games throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s with sportscasters Marv Albert and Hubie Brown behind the mikes…..so, the network would always come up with really good promotions for their NBA package of products….and the promo seen in this video herewith is one of our favorites here at ImaSportsphile….cuz WTBS combined a paraphrase of the long time favorite song “Let’s Go To The Hop”….and made it into “Let’s Go To The Hoop”….as they put NBA highlights in-sync with the music…..which made for a very enjoyable watch for each and every NBA fan…. as well as anyone who ever enjoyed the song “Let’s Go To The Hop”.  So, any way you cut the pie, this video is simply one minute of joy for those who love the NBA.

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