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TV Ads – 1987 – USA Today Newspaper


One of the more drastic changes from the decade of the 1980’s to today in 2018…..is the impact on the American population and society of the daily newspaper….for back in the day of this video….the daily newspaper was how folks stayed up with what was happening in the the world around them and far…. and The USA Today was a “power broker” of national daily news.  

The genesis of USA Today was on February 29, 1980, when a company task force known as “Project NN” met with Gannett Company chairman Al Neuharth in Cocoa Beach, Florida to develop a national newspaper. On June 11, 1981, Gannett printed the first prototypes of the proposed publication. The two proposed design layouts were mailed to newsmakers and prominent leaders in journalism, for review and feedback. The Gannett Company’s board of directors approved the launch of the national newspaper, titled USA Today, on December 5, 1981. At launch, Neuharth was appointed president and publisher of the newspaper….while adding those responsibilities to his existing position as Gannett’s chief executive officer


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