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43 Players / 307 Seasons / 11 Managers / 61 Seasons

“There’s winning……and there’s everything else”
Vince Lombardi

The quote for this story…which was so aptly spoken by the legendary Green Bay Packer Coach…..maybe defines the New York Yankees more than any other franchise in the history of pro sports……not just for their wins…..but for the aura that goes with the boys who wear the pinstripes…..for if you know of baseball….you know the Yankees….like them or not. To date, the Yankees have won 27 World Series Championships and 40 American League Championships. They have placed 43 players and 11 managers into the Baseball Hall of Fame….now that is what I call impressive by any standards.

Shown here today are baseball cards of 28 or the 54 Yankee players and managers currently in HOF…..dang it….that’s over one half of ALL of those immortals …in his collection. If that isn’t enough to look at and then think about….then here is a little food for thought from this lil ole Chiweenie…..especially for those of you who were lucky enough to have seen some of these Yankee players play. So here goes, the 1934 Earl Combs card is now 79 years old…the 1949 Lefty Gomez autographed ball is now 64 years old…..the 1951 Phil Rizzuto card is now 62 years old…..do you get the picture? Maybe you haven’t looked in the mirror lately…..yep….that was me….the devilish one that just slapped you some reality. Now remember…..this story is not to make those of you who remember these immortal Yankees feel old…..so take a Zolof or whatever they call it today….you know the “mood adjuster”….for BD in his younger days, he used to smoke his….but for whatever it takes, kick back and let the “mood adjuster” take you to that tranquil and peaceful place…..in order that you might enjoy your “flash to the past” within this page. For those of us who understand our Zen side….go to that mental place of inner peace and tranquility…..but regardless of how you get there…..any fan who ever got to see any of these Yankee greats play…..OH HAPPY DAY !!!!….for you have truly been the one who was blessed.


In today’s DOG PHILOSOPHY….I hope to pass on some worthwhile insight that will enable any HUMAN reader who might want to integrate its concepts into their lives….it just might allow you a gateway to hidden riches in your life….so, learn from this and that gateway can be opened for the first of many times in the future. As you know by now….all dogs live by a SOP of life that…. SIMPLER IS BETTER…regardless of what the subject. Therefore, I will simply call today’s philosophy….FLOAT & FLOW.
When regarding FLOAT….I am not talking about float like on a rubber thingy in the swimming pool. I am talking more like “float with the winds of change”….for change is truly the only true constant in every living being’s life. The only real constant in any life is change….from the moment they’re born….to the moment they die….while on this Earth….the only constant is change….for we are all constantly changing from one thing to another….in the way we look…in our domiciles…our work…our thoughts… our beliefs….our loves….it doesn’t matter what….cuz nothing stays constant. As Bone Daddy puts it….“The truth in life is that just when you think you know where you are at….somebody moves it.”
Think about this question…..What is normally the first thing that HUMANS do when they are faced with change?….well, from what I’ve seen in my 112 years of observation, the immediate reaction of virtually every HUMAN BEING alive today is to put up resistance to the change….it may be subconscious and not premeditated….but it is still resistance. In fact, the minute that a HUMAN throws up resistance, it is usually followed by reasons of why they can’t make that change….and for whatever the reason is….it is my conclusion that no specie on the planet resists change like HUMANS. So, answer this question….What happens when resistance is applied to anything? Again, Bone Daddy says it best….”resist it and it persists….release it and it comes back to you”.
If you know how to FLOAT when the winds of change are upon you…..that is when you learn to FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY AND STING LIKE A BEE….cuz nothing can FLOAT better than a butterfly……for as delicate and beautiful as one is….it can make a 1500 mile journey from Texas to Mexico….through trueno y relampago y tormentas de lluvia y vientos (that’s thunder, lightning, rain storms and winds for you Gringos)…. over mountains….thru the valleys….and still be beautiful when they arrive at their destination from their long continually changing journey….and why?….cuz they FLOAT with the changes they encounter in their lives….they apply NO RESISTANCE….they JUST FLOAT with the changes. When regarding FLOW….I am going to use Bone Daddy as a good example of FLOW….cuz he has taught me a great deal about FLOW during the years I’ve spent with him. You see, BD is a great believer in being the best YOU that you can be….not what others want YOU to be….but the BEST YOU THAT YOU CAN BE. He tells me all the time….”L E, you just be the best L E that you can be….that means that you have to be true to who you are and the talents that God Dog gave YOU to be….and not to worry about the things YOU don’t have the talents to do….but rather….find someone whom God Dog gave them those particular talents that you don’t have to do those things you can’t do well but they can. You just keep doing all that you can do….cuz all that YOU can do is ENOUGH.”
The simple key to this philosophy is to just let the best you that you can be FLOW from within…..where it has always been. That is what I am doing here in this web page….JUST LETTIN’ IT FLOW. I don’t prepare any thoughts….I don’t go through any process to get my mind ready to write….I just sit down and plug into that familiar area as a Sportsphile that I am good at… and once I am in my zone….I let it FLOW. I keep in mind that it’s all in there and I know all I need to know….God Dog gave me to BD cuz I’ve got this talent….and I’m just simply LETTIN IT FLOW. Therefore, when the winds of change are staring me right in the face….that’s when you’ll see this lil ole Chiweenie start to FLOAT.
In conclusion…..let me just give you a head start on this journey of enlightenment, you have to learn to FLOAT before you can ever learn to FLOW. Plus, if you ever attain an understanding of this simple philosophy…..I am pretty sure that your life will be richer for it….and you won’t believe what shows up when you achieve a state of life where your talents come naturally and easily. TRUST YOUR TALENTS AND APPLY YOUR PASSIONS……then all you gotta do is FLOAT & FLOW.

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