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Auto Racing – 1978 – Highlights – Indy 500 Time Trials – A J Foyt Waving Off His Start Controversy

Rain late in the day hampered the qualifying attempts at the 1978 Indy 500…..as the trip through the original qualifying line exhausted at 5 p.m…..and although Tom Sneva officially secured the pole position ….several drivers including Bobby Unser, A. J. Foyt and Pancho Carter, were unable to qualify during the pole round. At 5 p.m., the “third day” of time trials officially commenced, and those drivers would line up behind the cars from the pole round.  After practicing over 200 mph, A. J. Foyt was forced to wave off his run….and missed his chance to qualify in the pole round…..as ABC’s Chris Economaki interviews Indy 500 chief steward Tom Binford to explain why Foyt could not call off his pole run in this video herewith. 

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