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Auto Racing – 1979 – Film – Special – Countdown To The Indy 500 – With Driver Rick Mears The Winner

We have some really rare videos to post here at ImaSportsphile….for it is our observation and opinion that back in the day when this video library was recorded…..our guess being from 1976 to 1991….that those guys manning the Betamax machines….recorded virtually anything and everything that was sports on the air at that time….as this video is living proof of that observation…..cuz this is a film that was produced by some network as a “filler ” type of program…..rather than a “lead” program that was marketed regarding when it was airing….so, produced programs like this “little jewel” are very rare….as most folks recorded the “lead” program events…..and the reason for this is that the Betamax video cassette tapes that they used was not cheap…..like $7.95 per tape…..so, when you consider our ImaSportsphile library has some 2300 hours of video tape…..that’s approximately 1150 two hour video tapes…..which amounts to about $10,000 in blank video tape on which to record this library…..which explains why there are rare videos like this one.


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