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Boxing – 1986 – HBO Post Fight Interviews – Heavyweight Title – Spinks Vs Holmes – Rematch


In our opinion here at ImaSportsphile should never have lost his title in the first place to Michael Spinks…. but anyone and everyone who was a boxing fan during the reign of Promoters Don King and Bob Arum….. had some kind of inkling that many fights were fixed….if not actually choreographed and spliced to look real when they weren’t.  Now, we are not saying that any of that was in play when Spinks won a unanimous decision from Holmes in the 1st fight….but we are saying that there were many “powers that be” in the universe of boxing that did not want to see Larry Holmes tie Rocky Marciano’s record….much less broken.

This video shows explicitly how Larry Holmes felt about the fight….the judges…..and the promoters…. which you rarely see from any World Heavyweight Champion of the stature of Larry “The Easton Assassin” Holmes….one of seven heavyweight boxing legend during the Golden Age of Boxing from 1964 to 1999.

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