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Boxing – 1987 – Special – Promoter Don King Salutes US Marine Corps – In D Day Dynamite


Whether you liked him….or whether you hated him…..Don King was a boxing promoter extraordinaire ….who preached the significant value of being born in America as a black man….or any person of color….with white being a color too….for that matter.   

Don King was known publicly for two things…..one, his undeniably unique hair style….which was aptly applied with the “Butch Wax” that every crew-cut or flattop haircut since the 1950’s would “stand at attention” while pointing upwards to the sky….but King’s was the longest hair that was constantly “butch waxed”….which also was a black man’s head of hair….which certainly never is straight….much less “standing at attention pointing straight to the sky”….and two, his natural and equally unique talent for promoting a fight…..like when he put on this heavyweight title fight on June 6th in commemoration of the Marines landing on Normandy Beach in WWII…..promoting the event as D-Day Dynamite….as he showcased the Marine Corp Marching Band during the entire weekend of the event at The Riveria Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.


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