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Boxing – Heavyweights Champions – Muhammad Ali Speaks – 1964 Clay Pre-Fight Prediction


Ali  Ali  Ali….for this video is just one more nail in the coffin….as The Greatest was already psychologically winning his fight with “The Bear” Sonny Liston…as there never has been or never will be a greater showman on the athletic stage that could ever match the poetic prose of a master like Muhammad Ali….who was Cassius Clay at this point of his life. Cassius Clay was already a showman at the highest order…..brash and brilliant.  Just play this video over again…and I think you will agree with me….not M J…not Magic….not Gretsky….not Reggie….not Nobody….could ever be worthy of sharing the stage with Muhammad Ali….carry his robe, Yes….so, bear in mind when you watch this video again that this guy was just 22 years old when he was performing his showmanship magic.

For this 3+ minutes and so much more….is why Muhammad Ali is #1 on this lil ole Chiweenie Sportsphile’s all time favorite athlete. In the picture above….just look at how far Liston misses with his punch….for Ali had significant ring savvy and defensive capabilities….winning many of his fights on defense….like with George Foreman.


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