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Boxing – TV Ad – Sugar Ray Leonard And Son In 7up Ad


Virtually everything that Sugar Ray Leonard touched turned to gold…..as he became the first boxer to exceed $100 million dollars in the ring.  The truth of the matter is that Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard were the 1 – 2 punch when it came to drawing MONEY to the ring….for if you fought either one of these two legends of boxing during the golden age of boxing (1964 – 1995)…..you were in for an exceptional payday.

Being “media darlings”…..the popularity of Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard ranged far beyond the four posts of the boxing ring…..with both showing up on television everywhere…..talk shows, variety shows, special events and advertisements…..as this 7up Ad featuring Sugar Ray and his son Lil Ray…..is one of my all time favorite spots of Leonard on television.

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