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Sportswriter & Talk Show Host – Skip Bayless & Stephen A Smith – LE’s Stories Special – “A Skip Of Courage…..And A Stephen A Of A Higher Standard” – Tribute To Skip Bayless & Stephen A Smith As Debate Adversaries

Remembering things for the rest of your life from lessons learned reminds me of one of Bone Daddy’s favorite sayings……“L E, if you don’t stand up for something……you’ll fall for anything.”.….cuz this story is about two guys that definitely identify with the message behind the saying.”if you don’t stand up for something, you’ll fall for anything”….so, just think about what that means as you purview this story and these videos….cuz I hand selected each of them herewith….as evidenced by the 1st video….with music of  Paul McCatney and Stevie Wonder singing “Ebony and Ivory”….cuz I call Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless the “Ebony and Ivory” of sports television.                                                                                                                               

                               Music – 1982 – Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder Sing “Ebony And Ivory”     

Anyway, two of my favorite characters on TV….come from very different places….but are very similar at their core….they’re what we dogs call “brothers of another mother”.….for in our opinion here at ImaSportsphile….they are the “Ebony and Ivory” of sports commentary and debate.  Now up to this point….I have never written a story about something that I really like cuz I’ve always stuck to subjects that had to do with the collection….or because BD made a point of me paying attention to yet another sports program that he thought I should write about.  But today, I will embark on an endeavor to articulate the vastness of a subject of profound importance….and that is pray tell is why I am going to write about these two men….who are my favorite current sports personalities on television….so for what it is worth to these two “ego maniacs” that I’m writing this story about today…..”it is me a dog that likes you”.                      

                               Sports Debate – 2012 – ESPN First Take – Skip Bayless & Stephan A Smith                                                              On Whether Tim Tebow Is The Most Polarizing Athlete In The World

                                                                              DOG ASIDE:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          For all you HUMANS out there….these are some very important points that I am about to make….for like    a little leprechaun sprinkling gold dust everywhere….I’m about to pass on some really good nuggets here….so pay special attention.

1st………..When a dog likes a HUMAN on first impression when they first meet….you can pretty well take                     it  to the bank….that HUMAN is probably a good one worthy of your time

2nd………..When a dog dislikes a HUMAN on first impression when they first meet….you can pretty well                        take it to the bank….that is a HUMAN to keep an eye on all the time they are around….for they                      just might be….how do you say it…..a shady character kind of a HUMAN.

3rd……….. When a dog bites a HUMAN when they first meet,….you basically want to turn and run from                          that HUMAN.…cuz they are probably one of the toxic kind of HUMANS not worthy of your time                    at all.

In writing this story….I once again am doing something that I know will not sit well with Bone Daddy…..specifically cuz Skip Bayless is an Okie….and on top of that….a die hard Boomer Sooner…..and being that Bone Daddy is die hard Texas Longhorn….he  doesn’t like or hang out with Sooners….and certainly never admits that he likes one….at least publically.  But you know what….this story is coming from a gal that would rather beg for forgiveness than ask for permission….so here’s the story anyway.           

                                 Sports Debate – 1986 – ESPN First Take – With Moderator Jay Crawford                                                       Debators Skip Bayless VS Stephen A Smith On Value Of Celtics Paul Pierce

This story is written with Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith in mind….cuz I just love those boys….and I also love debate….which they do so articulately on ESPN’s First Take each day of the work week.  Yeah….I love them but I don’t necessarily like them….cuz they’re both arrogant and have elevated attitudes….far above any Chiweenie like me….as both of their noses are up in the air in some rareified space that I know nothing about….just can’t get that high….that is without some help….but regardless, there’s something about them boys that draws me to them….even though I know that they would never give a little ole Chiweenie like me the time of day.                                                                                                        

                         Sports Debate – 2004 – ESPN First Take – With Stephen A Smith & Skip Bayless                                                                       On Bill Belichick And Pats Loss To Broncos                                                          

Skip and Stephen A. are the “Ebony and Ivory of sports commentators” in my opinion….creating a unique harmony from very different points of reference….as each were raised in two totally different worlds….New York City and the northern part of West Texas known as Oklahoma.  The truth is that Oklahoma is more like West Texas than any other place in the world….so BD knows Skip like he knows the back of his hand….he’s a kindred spirit….a West Texas boy (almost) who cut his teeth on the same piece of cow leather that Bone Daddy did.  Without even knowing Skip personally….I know that his handshake and his word are as good as any legal contract ever written….no matter how sharp and expensive the lawyer was that wrote the legal document.  I know that he will uphold and fight for the standards that he was taught.  Let me tell all you HUMANS something….if you are going to take on a person from West Texas (or an Okie)….you better be ready for a long tough fight….cuz those folks are serious about their convictions….for words like truth….honor….honesty….integrity….run through the veins of those folks that are raised in this unique part of the world.  This place where “liquid black gold” ….and….”the elements rule”….and….“character” is forged like steel.                                                                  

                         Sports Debate – 2015 – ESPN First Take – With Stephen A Smith & Skip Bayless                                                         On Whether Michael Jordan Could Beat LeBron James One On One

                                                                               DOG ASIDE:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Describing a West Texas boy is kinda like describing what is a Sportsphile…..I may not be able to tell you what or why one is what they are….but I can sure tell you when I see one….cuz although I can’t describe one specifically by telling you exactly what one is….I can tell you the minute that I see one….cuz there’s just something about them folks that is very distinctive.  I’d bet you a dollar to a hole in a donut….that if I just sat next to Skip….I’d probably ask him….”Are you from West Texas?”….and he’d probably say with pride….”Oklahoma is where I’m from”….and I’d say….”same thing”.  And anyway, on another paw, just cuz Skip got his degree from Vanderbilt……that don’t mean nuthin’ to a lil ole Chiweenie from Guerrero, Mexico.                                                                                                                                                                         

                                       Sports Debate – 2011 – ESPN First Take – With Jay Crawford                                                                          Stephen A Smith + Skip Bayless + Dallas Mavs Owner Mark Cuban                                              

Now since I know that Skip and Bone Daddy are kindred spirits just cuz of where they grew up….along with their shared love for sports….then I’d have to figure that so too is Stephen A.  I have been a fan of Stephen A’s for well over eight (8) years.  Two major reasons for loving him beyond the fact that he is just so cute….is that first of all….he is a “die hard Yankee fan”….and second cuz he may be an even “bigger fan of the beautiful art of boxing……aaaahhhhh yes….pugilism at it’s finest”   Those are two things that Bone Daddy just loves too.  After all The MICK and ALI share the top of Bone Daddy’s all time favorites althetes list….”does it get any better than that?!!! ….I don’t think so!!!”   If you need further evidence of this from Bone Daddy….well….he has Mickey Mantle baseball cards from virtually every year of his career within his Yankees collection.…and he has awesome fights and footage of ALI in his over 400 Championship Boxing Title fights in his video library.                                                                                            

                                                          Sports Debate – 2012 – ESPN First Take                                                                       Skip Bayless Makes Stephen A Smith Walk Off The Set Over “Kobe Overpaid” Comment

I just know that tall….cute….silver tongued devil known as Stephen A Smith….that’s right….the same of whom it wouldn’t take much time for him in picking me out of a party that we both were in attendance….as the “the USDA Prime in the room”.  I can see him now in his ever so smooth way….sashaying through the crowd with his eye always on his target….that be me….and after getting close enough that I could feel his breath….that’s when he would begin to articulate on exactly how he planned to make me his for the evening….in that sweet cooing whisper of his….OH MY GOD DOG….and that’s when quicker than a fox….I nip him right on that nosey nose of his….just to let him know who’s boss.  It would be my way of saying….”it will be a long time coming before I show that hoss what I’ve got hold of behind these dimples”.                                                                                                                                 

      Sports Debate – 2016 – ESPN First Take – Skip Bayless On His Last Show With Stephen A Smith

So this is all I can say to my “faves Ebony and Ivory”….to keep on keepin’ on and don’t miss a beat….cuz I think that you both just might be Sportsphiles.  And oh by the way…..I selected these pieces from the collection and the video library especially since I know Stephen A. loves the Yankees….and I know they both love Boxing and New York City.  I’m pretty sure Skip will really appreciate the Earl Campbell autographed NCAA Championship ball for the University of Texas.  Just know this….this story is just the beginning of my Steven A. and Skip stories…..cuz what I appreciate most about each of them is that Skip has the courage to take the less popular side of a debate….thus being a worthy combatant as a contrarian to Steven A….who always holds himself and those around him to a higher standard….so, there will be more stories in the future dictated by “A Skip of Courage and a Steven A. of a Higher Standard”.         

                                              Sports & Comedy – 2012 – ESPN First Take Special                                                                                    10 Funniest Comments From Skip Bayless & Stephen A Smith


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