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Music – 1978 – University Of Texas Band – Star Spangled Banner – N I T Semifinals – Texas Vs Rutgers

In 1955, Vincent R. DiNino was hired as the director of the Longhorn Band…..and he is credited with shaping the band into the organization it is today….as DiNino’s time as director saw the introduction of many traditions and characteristics of the band….such as the western-style uniforms…the Big Flags Brigade….the Longhorn Alumni Band….and the cowbells.  DiNino oversaw the introduction of women into the band in a position besides majorette in 1956….and the integration of the band in 1962. The adoption of the moniker “Showband of the Southwest” also occurred during this time…..plus, it was during Vincent R. DiNino’s tenure that our Bone Daddy attended the University of Texas….and he attended many events throughout his 5 years on campus….and can still hear the PA announcer at a Longhorn football game introducing Band Director Vincent R. DiNino and the Showband of the Southwest…..and to hear Bone Daddy tell it….it was always quite a show of intricate marching and song that was well worth the price of admission…..and since we are extremely proud of our video category of Star Spangled Banner renditions ….it just “tickles us pink” to have this University of Texas Band rendition of our National Anthem.

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