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Music – 1982 – Quarterflash – I Will Stand By You – Performed Live In Concert

Quarterflash is an American rock group formed in 1980 in Portland, Oregon….with a band that was originally made up of the two current members…. Orinda Sue “Rindy” Ross on lead vocals and saxophone….and her husband Marv Ross on guitars…..along with Jack Charles on guitars…..and Rick DiGiallonardo on keyboards / synthesizers….plus, Rich Gooch on electric bass…. and Brian David Willis on drums and percussion.  

Having a lead singer who also played the saxophone made Quarterflash notable….when In a 1982 interview….Rindy Ross said that she viewed the saxophone as an extension of her voice….which enabled her to express things she could not express with her voice alone.  In this video herewith…..they play an original song I Will Stand By You …..while live in concert.

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