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Music – 1983 – The Doobie Brothers – Without Love Instrumental Percussion + Guitar Rif

In this video seen herewith…..The Doobie Brothers perform their famous song Without Love live on stage at their 1983 Farewell Concert…but in this particular event….the Doobies perform it as an instrumental piece….which happens to be very rare….when it comes to video footage…..and we here at ImaSportsphile are “tickled pink” to have this“nugget of gold” in our treasure chest of vintage memories.  

The Doobie Brothers are truly one of the greatest rock n roll bands to ever take the stage….cuz they were well worth the price of admission to see them live…..as they always put on an awesome show. Our Bone Daddy, the original Sportsphile, saw them in 1980 during their One Step Closer Tour….as he refers to them as one of his favorite live groups of all time….and since we have posted some 900 music videos here at ImaSportsphile to date in 2020….which were all recorded by Bone Daddy from 1978 to 1991….we figure he knows what he is talking about…..and anyway, this is a very distinctive two minute video. 

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