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Music – 1984 – 800 Strong All American Olympic Band – Olympic Fanfare – Closing Ceremonies Of L A Games

We have told many stories of our Bone Daddy, the original Sportsphile….and his incredible Olympics adventure at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Games…..when he and two of his close friends set an Olympic fan record that can NEVER be beaten….ONLY TIED….when Los Tres Amigos from Texas saw a live competition of EVERY SPORT that was competed for gold, silver and bronze in L A…..which was a total of 26 sports….as he has commented often about how incredible the 800 person strong All American Olympic Band sounded at the Closing Ceremony on August 12, 1984. 

Bone Daddy remembers vividly when the All American Olympic Band entered the Los Angeles Coliseum from the eastern end of the stadium through the 15 arches as the top of the end zone seats…..as they funneled to the center…. and merged into eight-abreast prior to marching down the steps in the center of the end zone….and then onto the field…..all the while playing the world famous Olympic Fanfare throughout their descent to the field. Bone Daddy always emphasizes how the sound and intensity of the 800 strong All American Olympic Band initially enters the stadium “like a lamb”….as the first few columns enter the stadium….and then by the time the band fills the stairs in the East end zone from top to bottom ….that is when Bone Daddy emphasizes how the Olympic Fanfare filled the entire stadium with beautiful sound…..for to him, the Closing Ceremony from the band entering the stadium to the dousing of the Olympic Flame, was a fitting ending to a spectacular adventure at the L A Olympic Games. 

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