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Music – 1987 – I Read It Everyday – Jane Byrne +Charles Schwab + Willard Scott + Sey Hey + The Mick

As seen in this video herewith….this little jingle “I read it everyday”…..while being sung by celebrities like Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne having her morning cup of coffee with her USA Today newspaper….followed  by young famous investment broker Charles Schwab…..then comes the Today Show national weatherman Willard Scott…..who just happened to be the first Ronald McDonald ever….as he was followed by MLB Hall of Fame players, Giants Willie Mays and Yankee Mickey Mantle…..while Sey Hey and The Mick have singer Diane Carroll covering the “clean-up” position in the batting order for USA Today. 

We here at ImaSportsphile just love the various crossover videos that really fall into two different categories….as evidenced by this particular video….whereby it falls into the Music Section…..as well as the TV ADS section of our vintage library…..so, videos like this one are special gems in our treasure chest of vintage memories.

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