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NBA – 1981 NBA All Star Game – West VS East – PreGame & 1st Qtr


The 1981 NBA All-Star Game was an exhibition basketball game which was played February 1, 1981, at Richfield Arena in Richfield Township, Ohio. This was the 31st edition of the National Basketball Association All-Star Game and was played during the 1980–81 NBA season….which was coached by Billy Cunningham, Philadelphia 76ers for the Eastern Conference….and John MacLeod, Phoenix Suns for the Western Conference. The game had 10 future Hall of Fame players….with the West having 6 including Adrian Dantley, Kareem Abdule-Jabbar, George “Iceman” Gervin, Jamaal “Silk” Wilkes, Moses Malone and Dennis Johnson…,who was playing for the Phoenix Suns against future Celtic teammates Larry Bird and Robert Parrish….while playing on the same all star team with future Sonics teammate Jack Sikma….as the East All Stars had 4 future members of the Hall of Fame including Larry Bird, Julius “Dr. J” Erving. Nate Archibald and Robert Parrish.

With all that firepower that the West team had….the leading scorers were Paul Westphal of the Seattle Sonics and Dennis Johnson of the Phoenix Suns with 19 points each….who interesting enough in the season before this season, Westphal was an all star with the Suns and Johnson was an all star with the Sonics….so, they just switched teams and continued to perform at all star level. 

This game was a production of CBS Sports…..with a broadcast crew including Gary Bende along with Hall of Fame Memberrs Bill Russell and Rick Barry….I mean, how could you as an NBA fan not click on this video right now…..cuz you’ve got Rick Barry who played 15 years in the league…..while ending his career with an average of 24.8 points per game, 6.7 rebounds per game and 4.9 assists per game…..while trumping Barry with Bill Russell….simply and easily the greatest basketball player ever for one simple reason ….11 RINGS….11 NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS…..so, yeah, I hear all the chatter about Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson….but I’ll state and rest my case simply….Russell 11 rings, Jordon 6 rings and Magic 5 rings.

This 1981 NBA All Star Game was won by the East with a score of 123 – 120…..as Nate Archibald (another future HOF member) would win MVP…..and any way you slice the cheese….this game is well worth the watch.

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