MLB – 1978 – Music Special – Take Me Out To The Ball Game + Great Photos Of Fans


There’s a beautiful old story that tells of new arrivals at the Pearly Gates of Heaven….arguing loudly as to who should enter first….“I should be first” proclaimed one man…“I spent my life trying to make men wiser, I was a professor”….“No, No, No,  I should be first” proclaimed another man….“for I was a banker, I made men richer”….Saint Peter finally turns to silent little man standing modestly at one side… and St. Peter asked him what he did….and the little man replied….“Oh, I just tried to make people laugh, I was only a clown”….then, St. Peter let the clown in first….cuz he knew there was nothing linked men to the angels more strongly than the divine gift of laughter.

This video salutes those “healers of the human spirit” who embodied the Divine gift of laughter those fabulous clowns….for this is truly a “nugget of gold” in our treasure chest of memories.

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